It’s him!!

A 3D Technical Artist with over 18 years of industry experience.

Gino is a professional 3D artist with a long track record in the games and visual effects industry since 1998, fulfilling creative, technical and managing roles. Since then Gino worked on eight game titles at various world famous studios like Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, GRIN in Stockholm and Splash Damage in London and on various scientific animations while working at Nymus3D in Enschede, where he now resides.

In 2017 he started his own company, Youngblood, operating as an independent contractor where he offers 3D development consulting and outsourcing services to companies in the Film, Games and Biomedical industries.

Gino’s specialty ranges from Art direction, Lighting and Shading,  Compositing, Pipeline setups and Tool writing (Mel/Python/C#). For a more detailed list, please check Gino’s LinkedIn profile.

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